Asia Bizz: The US based cellphone manufacturer, Apple Inc. may bring out its most popular product, the iPhone, in a cheaper version. Apple is exploring ways to make the iPhone cheaper than before, in a move to make it more popular with its customers. As of now the concept of making a cheaper iPhone is contradictory, as Apple has not yet exposed its plans to work on this sort of a device.

Apple has recently stated that it is working on the fifth version of the iPhone, and it is on the verge of launching the device. The iPhone 5 is said to be smaller and lighter compared to the current iPhone 4, but much details regarding the device has not yet been disclosed.

A personnel in connection with the company has stated, Apple is not currently working on a cheaper device and making a smaller one will not necessarily be cheap phone. On the contrary Steve Jobs was quite happy about the device’s uniformity and also its uniqueness.


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