Asia Bizz: China has pledged to work hard on economic stabilization for the year 2011, especially after a string of serious swings the economic sector has been witnessing since years. The government will strive to keep the economy as stable as possible, stressing on the facts of improving accuracy, flexibility and efficiency of various policies.

During a major meeting in Beijing, the President and the Communist Party has decided that it shall stay calm with the economy, pay attention towards all the issues and try to solve them during the 12th five year plan. The government also said, they shall go ahead with the current fiscal policy but shall try to keep the economy balanced and work towards restructuring in various areas.

The Chinese government has kept forward some goals to bring stability in the economy. First of all increase domestic consumption and stabilize the commodity prices, plus intensify the promotion of good education, better industrial investment, and development in the field of science and technology.


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