Asia Bizz: Karsch Capital, which holds around 9.32% of CSK Auto Corp Inc., has asked the company to have a full review done so that it can search for alternatives as a new management will be appointed when the company will be sold. Karsch Capital has urged the company to review all things possible before it is sold.

Karsch believed that the sale of the firm will be a success and said in an interview,

It is increasingly evident that, under the right management team, such a turnaround should be relatively easy to achieve because of the tremendous opportunity to improve CSK Auto’s operating margins.”

CSK Auto Inc. is a automotive parts retailer. They store many automotive parts and products of domestic and imported parts. O’Reilly Automotive, Inc., back in the year 2008, aquired all of CSK’s common stock for an amount of one billion dollars which also accounts for the $500 million of debt the company had.


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