Asia Bizz: China has decided that it will be investing 1.5 trillion Yuan in its aviation sector in the next five years and by 2015 there will be complete change in the airline industry. The 1.5 trillion Yuan is in fact half a trillion Yuan more compared to the figure last year.

It is surprising, China is in fact taking great stress in developing its aviation sector, only for the fact that it wants to be the best in the world, and out run the west in the future. The aviation department will build 45 airports around the country and which will push the number of airports in China by over 220 in the next five years.

Upcoming plans also show, the country wants to increase the number of planes in the airlines to 4500 from the current 2600, which is also a huge investment. China’s airline companies have earned an impressive 35.1 billion Yuan in profit last year, which is exactly 60% of the total income earned by the airlines worldwide.


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