Asia Bizz: China’s Premier, Wen Jiabo, has kept forward a 7% growth target for the country’s economy, which shall take place in the next five year plan. In addition to this, the Premier stressed out and said, the environment of the country should not be sacrificed for the development of the economy. Intensive resource consumption and exports should get constricted in the future, in a move to halt the ecology getting damaged.

In the year 2010, China’s growth rate was around 10.6% and in the coming year it is forecast to get stay around 9% which is relatively less. Witnessing this, the country will still lower its growth rate in the coming five years, and this is where Wen Jiabo pointed out towards environmental damage.

China’s government will pay special attention to develop the people’s living standards and also work on stabilizing the economy’s inflation. Jiabo promised that food, fuel and other primary resources prices will be controlled and will levy them equally among the people.


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