Asia Bizz: China still has the largest population on Earth, and the figure has mounted to 1.341 billion people. Since the year 2009, the population in China has grown only by 6.3 million, and this is really impressive for country, as it is working hard to control its population growth . China takes out a census once in ten years and final figure will be released in the month of April.

The slow population growth rate in China has kept an elite example for countries like India, that it has finally brought its population expansion under control. With only 6.3 million people being born in China in the last year, this is a great accomplishment for the country.

Currently many agencies and people are working on adjusting the current population figure in the country, and this will taken some time, maybe till April this year. Projected figures for the year 2030 show the population to cross 1.5 billion and it could become quite worrisome in the future.


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