Asia Bizz: Steve Jobs, the heart and soul of Apple Inc., could likely be present at the launch event of the latest Apple iPad 2 tablet PC which will be held on Wednesday. The iPad 2 is one of the most awaited devices during the year 2011, and it is expected to have a number of new features on it.

Latest reports state the iPad 2 may have dual cameras, the front facing can be used for video chat, other features also include a faster and smoother processor for better performance of the device. Jobs on the other hand, has been diagnosed with cancer and is currently undergoing treatment, may likely be present at this event.

Apple has not yet made a statement in accordance to Jobs health or even if he may be present at the launch or not. Steve’s appearance and presence at the show is of great importance for he has been a integral part of the company for many years. Additional information about his appearance and the launch will be known at the event itself on Wednesday.