Asia Bizz: In the ultimate battle of the ‘laptop vs tablet pc’, one common point between these two devices is that they are the most sold electronic devices in the world after cellphones. If both are compared, then we can draw a conclusion that both the devices have been in the market for almost a decade, and their sales have been impressive too. Not to mention, they are cheaper than many high-end desktop computers around the world.

Many a time, the laptop has always had the edge over the tablet PC, as it has better features and less limitations compared to the tablet. Laptops can be upgraded, and they have DVD drives and more powerful processors. Multi-tasking is easier on a laptop and they push less stress on heavier softwares. They tend to be a miniature version of the bulky desktop PC, and have almost the identical features as your home PC. Some big names in the laptop market are Dell, Apple, Toshiba, Acer, Compaq among others.

Tablets too are people’s favourites these days, as they are easy to use and highly mobile to carry. Some devices even have GSM or CDMA technology in it allowing them to make calls and send text messages via the device. Typing is the best part of this device, many feel it could be hard but in fact it is quite easy and one will not need to bend to type. But upgrading it and performance has become the biggest issue for tablet PC’s, and thus it lags behind here. Not to mention, playing DVDs is not directly possible, and for those who prefer the external keyboard to the touchscreen one, this isn’t their cup of tea. But all the same, they make great travel companions and the big names in the market are the Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy tab, Motorola Xoom among others.

So if you like to carry the features of your desktop with you wherever you go, then opt for a laptop. But if style and portability is your mantra –  minus the DVD options- then opt for a tablet PC.


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