Asia Bizz: Porsche, the luxury car maker from Germany, expects to sell at least 500 cars in India during the financial year of 2011. Porsche is likely to increase the sales in India by almost five times this year, as it sold 131 units during the 2010 fiscal year. The first step to sell a decent number of vehicles in India, Porsche will need to set up a facility in the country, thus reducing the delivery period to it customers.

In addition to this, there is only one dealership available in India and it based in New Delhi. The most disheartening part about the delivery is the immense time it takes to hand over the car to its customers. Reports show that the Cayenne SUV takes up to 500 days to be delivered.

The German car maker manufactures vehicles in a very small volume, around 100,000 units every year from its plant in Stuttgart Germany. The number of Cayenne’s on order today is around 74,000 units and they are able to provide only 44,000 units this year. As of now the company is looking forward to set up dealerships at Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Bangalore and Kochi.


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