Asia Bizz: McDonald’s has officially slipped to the number two spot as Subway became the largest restaurant chain in the world. Subway, which is famous for its sandwiches and salad-based meals, has a total of 33,749 outlets around the world, whereas McDonald’s has 32,737. Both are US-based fast food restaurants, but Subway has been seen doing considerable development.

Analysis shows that Subway has been doing quite well, especially around the world where it has pushed its business to another level. Subway is still a privately-owned company and it has been doing exceptionally well. McDonald’s on the other hand, has said it is performing well in the market, but it wants to do better and just not grow.

Today Subway has its outlets spread in more than 95 countries and McDonald’s has almost 117, but the performance of Subway has been exceptional compared to McDonald’s. Subway made its debut in the US back in the year 1965 and today its is the largest restaurant chain in the world.

One main reason why Subway has taken the top spot is because more people are opting for healthier meals – similar to the ones offered by Subway – as compared to deep fried, high-fat foods sold by McDonald’s.


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