Asia Bizz: US President Barack Obama is very impressed with the education system of South Korea, and has called on to his cabinet and said there can be an education reformation in the country based on the S.Korean education system. He has said that in South Korea, teachers at school are respectfully called as the ‘Nation Builders’.

Obama emphasized that in the US they should begin to acknowledge good teachers and give them due respect and reward for their hard work, but should not spare the bad teachers in the society. One can notice this is the second time Obama has lauded the South Korean education system, which clearly signifies the US based education system is lacking heavily in some sectors.

The President has analysed the performance on the American students and they are lagging way behind Asian students. He has even urged the education department to look into South Korea and adopt certain methodologies which can improve the productivity of their students. Making school days last longer during an academic year, after school classes and other techniques shall help the country to get a better output from students in the future.


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