Asia Bizz: Imported dairy products have been dominating China’s market, as the quantity of imports have gone up to 600,000 tonnes in the year 2009. These dairy products today comprise of 90% of the infant food market, and this has now become a point of worry in China. To make it worse, in the year 2008 there was a huge milk powder scandal that had been unearthed in the country’s major market.

Liu Peizhi, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), has said that every country in the world is concerned with the food safety and its quality. In 2010, the US had recalled millions of eggs which were reported to have salmonella-tainted on them.

These recalls have alerted many governments around the world, especially in the developing countries, for this can spread a lethal outbreak if not stopped. China will need to focus in making their local dairy products and infant food more popular in the market, in this way contaminated products can be avoided.


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