Asia Bizz: South Korean electronic giants, Samsung and LG are trying hard to gain the top spot in 3D technology. The battle between the two companies has grown to a new level as Samsung is promising better features and LG stresses on brightness and sharpness. These companies are looking forward towards the next generation of moving pictures.

There is special emphasis given on making their technology more prevalent in the market especially in the developing economies. The global standard is also kept in mind which will deliver consumers with the best available technology. Both TV makers have built their own indigenous 3D technology recipe and they shall launch products in the future with this very same technology.

LG and Samsung have full high definition TV’s with 3D technology in them, but they want to take the entire line up to a whole new different level. Currently they are developing TV’s which have film-type patterned retarder technology, plus it shall also feature brighter and clearer vision without generating flicker and cross-talk ― image ghosting.


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