Asia Bizz: The much awaited Forbes rich List 2011 – released by Forbes magazine –  has been announced and it has disclosed the top 100 wealthiest people in the world. Currently, Carlos Slim, the telecom industry tycoon from Mexico is the world’s richest billionaire for the second year in a row, followed by Microsoft founder Bill Gates and Warren Buffett.

Carlos Slim has an accumulated $74 billion, which shoots him up to the first place, and the wealth margin between Slim and Bill Gates is quite huge. Gates sits on a wealth stockpile of $56 billion, which he has proudly earned through Microsoft; and following him closely is Warren Buffett -the investment genius from the US – who has $50 billion in his accounts.

This year, there are two Indians in the top 10 section of the rich list – steel magnate Laxmi Mittal (No.6) and Reliance Petrochemicals, oil and gas owner Mukesh Ambani (No.9). Laxmi Mittal, who is an official resident of India and runs his business from the UK, has a wealth hoard of $31 billion; and Mukesh Ambani has a combined wealth amounted to $27 billion.


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