Asia Bizz: Japan may face the worst after the massive earthquake in the month March, especially speaking about its economy. The country has already been under a siege of natural disasters, firstly the earthquake and then the tsunami, the number of people dead has crossed thousands. Rendering to this situation, the entire economy will become unstable, and it seems it has started to become so.

Financial markets and stock trading sessions will experience a heavy turbulence after the country has taken a heavy pounding by nature. Many industries around the country, especially the ones located near the coasts have suspended their operations towards an uncertain period.

Most of the factories and industries located near the Fukushima Prefecture have been shut down for mainly two reasons, one the earthquake and its after shocks and two, the nuclear plant explosion and possible meltdown with large scale devastation. The Nikkei stock exchange shed out 179.95 points or 1.72% and reached 10,254.43 on Thursday’s trading session.


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