Asia Bizz: Stock markets in Japan have plunged further especially after the earthquake, as ¥23.5 trillion has been wiped off. A giant market sell off has pushed the entire country into another horrific situation which is quite devastating. Investors began to sell off their stocks and move out of the market in fear and Japan is still trying to come out of the aftermath.

Nikkei fell by 6.2% on the beginning of the week, or in simple words 4.88 billion shares were transacted and sold during the entire trading session. March 31st, the year end, is just around the corner and this situation has put the entire country into a fix, it is indeed a tough situation to come out of.

Thousands of people died in the quake and tsunami which struck the Japanese mainland past week, significantly many industries were asked to shut down for safety reasons. Japan’s entire market value now stands at Â¥289 trillion post earthquake.


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