Asia Bizz: One would keep waiting until the full version of the Adobe Flash Player officially makes it to the market, but the truth here is, the software is already out. As per the sources, the file is available on MyDroidWorld and it has a complete possession of it. If one may be using a Motorola Xoom tablet, he is very lucky for the file shall execute on the Xoom only, at least for now.

Adobe Flash Player can directly be installed from the web, it does not even need updates to install. One will just need to go to the Unknown sources box under Settings > Applications, sideload the file or download it. This software will perform best on the Xoom’s dual core Tegra processor.

Games and videos can be seen in high definition compared to the earlier Flash player, plus the sharpness of a particular video played on the device will have higher refinement. It is also believed the latest Adobe Flash is a direct answer to Apple Inc’s Steve Jobs who had an opinion that Adobe is a bad software to play videos on a particular device.


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