Asia Bizz: Bank of Japan, the country’s premier bank has now taken the initiative to save the country’s dwindling economy and the market especially after the last week’s devastating earthquake and tsunami. During the opening week trading at the stock market, the country lost more than Â¥23 trillion in a massive sell off which was triggered by the fear of natural disasters.

Japan’s premier bank has now decided to flush in an addition Â¥15 trillion into the financial market which shall prove to stabilize the economy of the country. Apart from the Â¥15 trillion, the Bank of Japan has already decided to but Â¥3 trillion worth bonds from the government.

Japan is also worried over the performance of the economy, especially since the past two days. Post earthquake market of Japan is receiving turbulence’s which would provide the country with enough jolt to push it into yet another financial and economic crisis. With thousands of people who have died during this disaster, Japan is yet trying to keep itself as strong as it can.


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