Asia Bizz: Following the disastrous earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan last week – along with the ongoing nuclear crisis -neighboring China has suspended the approval of 28 planned nuclear power plants on Wednesday. The announcement was made by Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao, keeping in mind safety standards required for such plants.

Satellite image of Fukushima plant, Japan (Photo: Digital Globe)

The Chinese government said that after the nuclear radiation threats in Japan, the radiation level in China was normal, and the health of the people in China was not at stake. Officials added that Japan’s nuclear crisis is a lesson to learn for all nations and China’s nuclear power plans will be made keeping in mind the damage caused in Japan.

Out of the 28 nuclear power plants, it is believed that construction work has already begun on around 25 of the plants, with 13 plants being operational.

On Wednesday, the tsunami ravaged nation’s nuclear nightmare escalated following reports that the levels of radiation increased at Japan’s Fukushima plant, which led to several emergency workers abandoning work.


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