Asia Bizz: Singapore Airlines announced on Thursday that the launch of its Airbus A380 services to Tokyo (Japan) and Los Angeles (USA) will be postponed as a result of the nuclear radiation crisis in Japan. Last week, Japan was struck by a massive earthquake, followed by a huge tsunami which killed thousands of people and affected the Fukushima nuclear power plant.

Singapore Airlines had previously planned to launch the A380 route on March 27, but due to the unfortunate natural calamities in Japan, a representative of the Airline said in a statement that the launch of the Airbus A380 services on flights SQ11 and SQ12 – which run between Singapore and Los Angeles via Tokyo Narita – will be postponed.

The Airbus A380 services boasts of business class fares beginning from 250,000 yen for passengers travelling between Narita and LA, and 198,000 yen for the route between Narita and Singapore. Economy fares are 38,000 yen and 25,000 yen respectively for the two routes. Besides, the service also offers all passengers gourmet cuisine, and all seats come equipped with the renowned personal in-flight entertainment system called “KrisWorld”.

The airline’s Boeing 747-400 flights will continue to cover these routes, till there is come stability in Japan, and the main issues in hand are taken care of. Japan has suffered tremendously over the past few days, and with the death toll on the rise, humanitarian aid is the need of the hour.


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