Asia Bizz: Japan will hault around 25% of ethylene production which is as a result of the devastation that was caused by the earthquake and the tsunami in country. Ethylene is a very important material used in petrochemical products.

At a conference, Kyohei Takahashi, who is the chairman of Japan Petrochemical Industry Association said,

‘‘One-quarter of domestic manufacturing capacity of ethylene has stopped,’’

A lot of medical supplies as well as plastic bottles are made of ethylene, which are currently in need in Japan for help at the earthquake-hit areas. Ethylene is a very important material in synthetic fibers as well as plastics.

This hault of ethylene production will surely hit all big industries as well as small ones and will affect a wide range of them, as ethylene is widely used.

The largest ethylene production in Japan, the Mitsubishi Chemical Corp, was damaged due to earthquake that hit the country; and as a result the production has to be stopped.


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