Asia Bizz: The all new Mozilla Firefox 4 Release Candidate (RC) is now out and users can get the new version for free. Firefox 4 is in direct competition with rivals such as the Chrome and IE9. The main aspect that users are looking for is if the new version has something new that the other browsers don’t have. Lets go through a preview of the browser.

The main change a dedicated Firefox user will see is that the address bar looks different, along with the new tabs layout. The browser looks much neater than before and has a much better feel than the other rival browsers available. The tab feature are above the address bar, which is on the lines of Google’s Chrome and gives a better usability.

The new Firefox 4 can also synchronize previous settings like bookmarks, passwords, among several other features. The add-ons have been made as simple as drag and drop. Firefox also says that the new Firefox 4 is around 3 times faster and is 6 times better and improved compared to its previous release, which was the Firefox 3.6.12.

The ‘under the hood’ features of the Firefox are equally good; it supports WebM which is for HD-videos, it has faster graphics acceleration with Direct2D and Direct3D for the windows version and OpenGL for Apple’s Mac. It also supports multi-touch, which makes it smoother for mobile devices.

Firefox 4 was initially stated to launch in the month of November 2010, but somehow got delayed. The official day of its launch is March 22nd, 2011.