Asia Bizz: Reebok, a huge company with so many branded products, is giving away Reebok aviator sunglasses at an almost 75% discount rate in India. The accessories market for Reebok in Asian countries is doing very well and the company keeps on rolling out different offers from time to time, sometimes discounts of more than 50% keeping in mind the lifestyle requirements of the Indian population.

The factory outlets, specially during the end of the financial year, gives away products on a huge discount as the need for new stocks coming in become very necessary especially for its brand image. Aviator sunglasses by Reebok is a great looking accessory and has good sales in Asia overall.

Here’s some more info on the Reebok aviator sunglasses:

The Reebok aviator sunglasses are grey shades and the lens of the sunglasses are UVC and blue-light protection, 100% UVA, UVB and coated with iridium for glare reduction. The frames of the sunglasses are metal and very light so that it does not feel uncomfortable. The Reebok aviator sunglasses is very durable and strong.

With the scorching temperatures across Asia, accessories like sunglasses, caps and umbrellas seem to be selling like hotcakes in the Asian region. Also, with the change in lifestyle patterns across the globe, branded sunglasses tend to be more of a style-statement than a necessity.


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