Asia Bizz: Microsoft bought around 666,624 IPv4 addresses for a whooping $7.5 million from Nortel Networks. IPv4 were free flowing a while back, but now as Microsoft buys them, it no longer will be the same. Nortel Networks is a company that is bankrupt.

Now the main question that arises is that how much will be a premium for these addresses as Microsoft is paying. The amount of IPv4 addresses that Microsoft is buying is 666,624. If we calculate the amount that Microsoft is paying to would be $11.25 per IPv4 address, i.e 7.5 milion/666,624. Yes, the fact is that each IP adress costs more than a average .com domain name.

Only four companies were interested in the bid that Nortel Networks set for their 666,624 IPv4 addresses.

Of particular note here is the fact that Nortel’s bankruptcy team solicited bids from 80 companies, only four of whom actually bid for all 666,624 IPv4 addresses. Microsoft has no plans to use these 666,624 IPv4 addresses anytime soon.