Asia Bizz: Natco Pharma has announced that they are ready to sell their retail store SaveMart Pharmacy based in the US, as they feel that the current business strategy doesn’t allow SaveMart Pharmacy to fit in well.

A recent interview was conducted with the finance director as well as the CFO of Natco Pharma, Bhaskar Narayana and he said that the synergies with SaveMart Pharmacy does not exist anymore. The SaveMart Pharmacy revenue currently stands at around 18 million US dollars.

He also said that Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.’s (TEVA) Copaxone revenue stands at around $3 billion US dollars. In addition to that, he stated that he would expect a 3 player market for generic Copaxone.

Talking about Copaxone, he said that the worldwide sales for a generic version of Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.’s (TEVA) Copaxone stand at USD $3 billion. He expects a 3 player market in the US for generic Copaxone.

Revlimid is said to grow at around 44% per annum on a 2 player market.


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