Asia Bizz: Japanese automotive maker Honda Motors has launched the much awaited and desirous Honda CBR250R motorcycle in India. The bookings of the motorbike have already begun and can be available through the nearest Honda dealer in the country or by registering through the official website of Honda. The bike will compete against Kawasaki Ninja’s 250R and it expects rave reviews.

The CBR250R is equipped with a single cylinder 250 cc DOHC engine with four valves, six speed gear, fuel ignition, constant mesh transmission which produces 25 bhp power and 22.9 Nm of torque. The sports bike is available in ABS as well as non ABS versions, which are priced at 1.77 lakh and 1.51 lakh respectively.

The CBR250R promises to have a pick up of 100 kph in just eight seconds, with a maximum speed of 160 kph. The fuel injection system in the bike ensures more power and less consumption of fuel.

However, when the bike is compared to its competitor Kawasaki Ninja 250R in the market, the Kawasaki 250R takes the lead in terms of looks. It is mostly observed that consumers opt for looks more than performance. In terms of speed, the Honda CBR250R takes the lead as it is lighter in weight (around 12 kgs!), but in terms of performance, the Ninja 250R’s 249cc twin cylinder gives it an edge over the Honda CDR250R. Moreover, it would also be difficult for Honda to take over the monopoly from Kawasaki, which it has maintained in several years.


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