Asia Bizz: The Toyota Prius hybrid has yet again regained its position as the most fuel efficient car in Japan for the 5th time in 5 years. The Prius hybrid won the top spot in 2010’s government’s most fuel efficient car. The transport ministry of Japan announced this on Thursday, the 31st of March 2011.

Toyota Prius – Most economical car in Japan now for 5 straight years

The Toyota Prius can give around 38.0 kilometers per litre of fuel. The other brands of cars following the Toyota Prius were the Lexus CT200h with around 34 kilometers per litre of gasoline, which was followed by 3rd spot- the Honda’s Civic hybrid with 31 kilometers per litre of fuel. The decision for the rating of these cars was made by the transport and tourism department of Japan.

Among the smaller players in the Japanese markets, the Daihatsu Move a 660 cc car secured the top position with 27.0 kilometers per litre of petrol and the 2nd spot was taken by Mira, with 26.0 kilometers per litre of fuel.
The third spot was shared by Suzuki’s WaganR and the Alto Lapin, as well as the AZ-Wagon by Mazda; these three cars all shared a common efficiency of 25 kilometers per litre of fuel.


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