Asia Bizz: Windows 8, the new operating system from Microsoft released it’s pre-data version and all Microsoft fans are looking to upgrade from their Windows 7. Not much is spoken about the Windows 8 so far, but as we all know, a Microsoft product more likely is used to the sanctification is it’s customers.

Microsoft has been waiting quite some time for their next operating system. Some sources say that a Ribbonized Windows Explorer will be some of the features to look forward to.

Microsoft may focus their Windows 8 to a new tablet audience that has kicked off in the recent past. The other aspect where the new Windows 8 OS will be stronger is probably in the area of Gaming. This new OS will also have a possible Xbox integration, which means that the Kinect + Windows 8 would do wonders in performance. More features like facial recognition and proximity detection to start and unlock the PC will be some of it’s other features. This will enable gamers to add a whole new dimension to their gaming experience.

Another great feat of the new Microsoft OS is that it will be 128-Bits of Power.


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