Asia Bizz: Amazon, the worldwide leader in shopping online, wants to get bigger and also offer some new services to its consumers like online media storage; where one can save their music as well as pictures for constant access on the move. These features will permit users to carry their music on the go, by saving them on Amazon.

As a result of these option that Amazon wants to provide to their users, the leading shopping portal has launched two products by the name of Amazon Cloud Player and Amazon Cloud Drive. These two services launched by Amazon will enable users to store their music online, as well as store pictures on their Amazon account. Sources also say that Google, as well as Apple, are trying to do something similar to what Amazon has launched.

Amazon is offering these services for free to anyone having an online Amazon account. The free usage is at a limit of 5 GB. They will only charge if users exceeds the amount of storage given.

Amazon which is based out of Seattle, US, also has online storage services under the name Amazon S3. The company is really focusing on getting the user base better and these services will also allow their users to have longer time spent on the site.


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