Asia Bizz: IBM in Japan has just further developed a social software called the “IBM Lotus Connections 3.0.1” which enables one to add features as well as to achieve their business goals in a planned manner. The shipment of this product has reportedly begun.

The IBM Lotus connections is one product where workflow can be monitored and taken care of with ease, making sure all the management is done well and connected accurately. This can help save a lot of time and enable time management skills.

The media Gallery, as well as the Blog feature are some of the heighlights of IBM Lotus Connections 3.0.1. The licencing of the product is being divided into two parts – the internal and external users. The price of the authorized user vary for individual and authorized users at around 10,000 and 7,600 per user for internal. On the other hand, for external users where the type of server matters,  the cost will be likewise.

The IBM Connections social software will be something that could take off pretty well and IBM is looking at a more social presence by launching such services.


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