Asia Bizz: Toyota Motor Corp has openly informed a lot of US dealers that they might face a shortage of cars this summer in the North American markets, as the production of vehicles in Japan has been hit big time due to the earthquake and tsunami caused on the 11th of March this year.

The main reason for the problems faced in production by Toyota is due the shortage of parts in Japan. Many car part suppliers got damaged due to the tsunami and the earthquake. Even in the US, auto plants belonging to Toyota are facing a lot of trouble and one day shut downs. This will effect around 25,000 workers in the plants, but the good part is that Toyota will have no lay offs.

The supply of parts is lagging behind by almost 2 months and the factories will resume production soon without any problems. The plants in Japan will go on a annual break in the month of May. This is the time when the Japanese plants will be shut.

Many dealers in The US are facing shortage of cars and this has become a cause of worry for dealers across the world. Toyota will be shipping cars to North America every two weeks; this will still bring a huge shortage for the demand of Toyota cars is pretty high.