Asia Bizz: Computer manufacturing giant Lenovo is now allegedly planning on making a new tablet PC device, which will be having a big 23 inch screen. William Cai the senior marketing executive of the company is rumored to have said that the company is now looking forward to develop a tablet PC, which will be more of a home tablet PC.

News making the rounds is that during the announcement, Cai had allegedly confessed that the PC indeed has less mobility, but said that they have hopes that the market in future will definitely have a good demand for large screen tablet PCs. The tablet PC will be similar to a desktop PC and can be used by the whole family.

The senior marketing executive reportedly announced the plan at the Gadget Show Live event. Cai added that the new tablet PC will be based on the company’s all in one line of desktops. Moreover, tablet will also have an improved battery life and will be lighter in weight.

Cai said that the tablet will not be having much scope to be moved. It can be moved inside the house from one room to another and can be laid on the table and used as a television. The tablet can also be used for a family game session and can be used with a full keyboard.

Whether this announcement is true or just a rumour, is yet to be verified.


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