Asia Bizz: Tablet computers are all set to have a new chip as Intel Corp has planned to launch one especially for new Tablet PCs. Intel remains the worlds most powerful semiconductor company in the world. Now, the company is aiming at entering the market of mobile chips.

The Intel chips made are in around 80% of desktop PCs as well as laptops, but the company has found it not easy to be in smaller devices like the tablets and cell phone. Intel see’s a huge market for tablet PCs and thus they are looking forward to more growth in these markets.

As gadgets and devices get smaller day by day, the processing speeds of chips have to be greater than what they are, as energy efficiency plays a very important in this competitive world today. Intel will look forward to make sure they get a strong hold on the tablet market as PC upgrades may not be the next choice of a user and consumers are looking into the new world of tablet PCs.

The mobile market is dominated by processor makers such as Texas Instruments Inc and Qualcomm Inc, and on the other hand, Apple Inc also design their own chips for the Apple iPad. Mobile chip designs are different from the x86 design that Intel uses; this could be a problem for Intel. The company is making around 35 tablets along with some hybrid computers with their newest chip, which is set to be a part of the Atom family.

Intel, which is based out of Santa Clara, California, said that for the smartphone market the company will release a chip later this year.


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