Asia Bizz: The recent reports that Chinese computer manufacturing giant Lenovo is developing a 23-inch screen tablet, has been denied by the company. The internet was recently flooded with the news that Lenovo has promised to bring a 23-inch tablet, which will gradually gain demand in the market, but it turned out to be nothing more than a rumour.

According to the previous news, Lenovo was allegedly planning to develop a touch screen tablet PC. It had even said that a Lenovo employee had made the announcement about the unique big screen tablet, which will have less mobility and more features.

Later, it was alleged that the project was indeed planned but it was something kept for the future and wasn’t supposed to be disclosed. When Lenovo was contacted, the company said that they are not planning any 23-inch tablet PC nor has there been any official announcement.

A spokes person of Lenovo had said that the company usually does not prefer to talk over products that have not been launched, but in this case he said that the company does not have any such plans to introduce a 23-inch tablet. But the disclosure does not go along with the previous alleged official announcements, when it said that the market in future will be dominated by the tablet PCs. Moreover, the company had also announced the launch of LePad, which would be a competition to Ipad.


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