Asia Bizz: Disneyland in Japan, in the city of Tokyo, has finally reopened after the earthquake and tsunami struck Japan on March 11. Tokyo Disneyland opened on the 16th of April and the main reason for this long delay was due to the shortage of power supply that was available.

The timings of Tokyo Disneyland will be from 8 am to 6pm, which is much shorter than the usually timing of the park. The Oriental Land Co. who owns the park, has decided to open the park as its also the parks 28th anniversary since its opening in the year 1983. The closing of the park will be at 6pm in order to save electricity.

The Tokyo DisneySea park is situated very close to Disneyland and reports state that it is also hoping to reopen soon. The company said that on every visitor, it will donate a fee of around 300 yen per visitor for relief measures for the people of Japan who have suffered from the earthquake and tsunami.

Japan is trying really hard to conserve some more energy as the country is facing energy crisis as a result of the devastating earthquake and tsunami, and continuous aftershocks which keep occurring in the region.


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