Asia Bizz: The Japanese Embassy in Kuwait announced that the Kuwaiti government is donating around 5 million barrels of crude oil and other related oil products in Japan. The reason for this donation is towards the efforts to help Japan out of the recent tsunami and earthquake that caused so much destruction in the country.

The old minister of Kuwait, Sheikh Ahmed Abdullah al-Ahmed al-Sabah announced the decision that the country made at the meeting held with the Asian oil producers and consumers in Kuwait city.

The amount that this donation comes up to is around 45 billion Japanese Yen which is around $550 million USD. The daily crude oil that Japan imports in the country is around 4 million barrels according to the Japanese government.

The meeting held in Kuwait city was attended by around 30 country representatives and the vice minister for international affairs for Japan, Hideichi Okada appreciated the fact that Kuwait aid will be of very great important to the country at this crucial time.

The decision for this huge donation made by the Kuwaiti government will only help the country make their relations better for future trade. Japan is suffering due to the tsunami and earthquake that took place on March 11 and many people have had their lives destroyed. Japan has come out strong and is hoping and doing everything it can for its people to make it better for their country.


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