Asia Bizz: Adobe’s AIR destop application TweetDeck has recently allegedly approached the popular social networking site Twitter, to sell itself for $50 million. The move could be one which works in favour of Twitter, as it could just eliminate a prospective rival.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the two companies are currently in advance talks. Twitter is currently looking into using the interface of TweetDeck to enhance its own base. At the same time, the micro-blogging website is also trying not give any other competitors a chance, due to its struggle to survive.

Twitter is currently looking out for ways to target the younger crowd as the majority of the young population is owned by Facebook, since the average Twitter user is approaching the 40’s crowd.

Earlier there were false rumours that Ubermedia had purchased TweetDeck. The reason for this rumour could be probably due to the fact that Ubermedia already has many clients of Twitter and it also has plans to launch a direct competitor to Twitter. This threat was enough for Twitter to realize the crisis and make a wise decision. The social network is working hard to attract the younger audience and is also trying to make some more money.

The advertising revenue for Twitter in the year 2010 was $45 million and it hopes that the number would increase three times in 2011.


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