Asia Bizz: Electronic manufacturing giant Apple Inc. has approached the courts yet again in order to protect it’s intellectual property. This time, Apple has sued electronic giant Samsung and alleged that they have interfered and infringed upon ten of Apple’s patents.

Apple has accused Samsung of making use of the their designs on Apple’s phones and tablets. The patents that have been infringed are related to the looks and the feel of its iPad and iPhone products.

According to the case filed by Apple in the San Jose court last week, Samsung had opted to copy many of Apple’s technologies, distinctive user interfaces, packaging design, innovative technology and distinctive product design, instead of developing their own individual products.

The iPhone maker, as evidence, has even published many snapshots which shows the similarities between the products of Samsung and Apple. The pictures included a comparison between the products of Samsung Galaxy S phone and the iPhone, which distinctly resemble each other.

Apple has also previously filed such patent dispute suits against Motorola, Amazon and HTC. The dispute with Samsung is the latest one. Sources from the company – on the condition of anonymity – have said that Samsung and Apple have a good relation with each other and this patent dispute suit is likely to affect their relationship.


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