Asia Bizz: Though it looks like one, it is not a laptop, it is actually the latest Google Android phone by Motorola known as the Atrix. The gadget may even make a person think whether he needs a laptop after owning the much awaited Motorola Atrix.

Motorola must have surely put many people in to a dilemma, especially those looking out for a laptop. The Atrix has a unique design with an ultra flat screen. The devise has a dual core processor, which makes the Atrix run at an extreme speed.

The gadget is so unique that it has even challenged the comparison between a phone and a laptop. T3 Magazine has rated the gadget as number one in the list of Hot 100 gadgets of 2011.

The list even had Apple’s iPad and other laptops, games and sound systems. The processor of the gadget is so powerful that one can do multi tasking that could never have been imagined just 18 months ago. For instance, one can watch a movie and also surf through a web browser. The Atrix can provide the user with basic functions like text editing, internet browsing. If a person is looking out for a laptop not for the sake of power and just for the basic functions, then Atrix is the best option.


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