Asia Bizz: It is usually observed that consumers trust a brand name which is the most popular one in the market. According to a report by Goldman Sachs, the future market is brighter for Apple in terms of tablet PCs.

The report says that the tablet market will be dominated by Apple than any other company. A long 60 page report has been published, which says that Apple may have a 70 percent share of the entire tablet PCs in the market by the year 2012. At the rate the iPad maker is going, it won’t be surprising if they do live up to the predictions which have been publicized.

A 71 percent domination in the market means a heavy profit for the company. The figure is indeed huge for the company in terms of profit due to the good will.

It seems that despite repeated attempts made by other companies in the market, in the end, they will fail to attract the prospective consumers. It should be also observed that many electronic companies are yet to launch their Android 3.0 tablets. The companies include HTC and Samsung. Moreover, the much awaited the Blackberry Playback is yet to be launched in the market. The report further predicted that the future of the notebook PCs is also in darkness after the success of tablets. Such a report may cause a concern to the companies like Microsoft, HP and Dell.


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