Asia Bizz: In response to Apple’s allegations that the Korean company Samsung had copied the  technology and looks of Apple’s products to make their own products, electronics company Samsung too has filed a complaint against the iPhone makers. Samsung has complained that Apple has infringed their patents, which are related to mobile communication technologies.

The Korean company has filed the suit on the courts in Seoul, Mannheim and Tokyo. In a time when the demand for tablets and smart phones are increasing, the fight for the patent infringement has gone deeper.

The Chief executive officer from Apple had said last month that Samsung was on the way to make the year 2011 ‘the year of copy cats’, despite the fact that Apple depends on Samsung for some of the spare parts for their products.Meanwhile, Chang Sea Jin, a business professor at the National University of Singapore has opined that Apple had made this move just to keep a watch on Samsung.

This is nothing but a business strategy and the advocates of both the companies will work it out, said the statement. The Korean company added in a statement said that they are working hard to respond and protect their intellectual property from infringements and would continue to make innovations in technology.


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