Asia Bizz: After the nuclear disaster that hit Japan due to the earthquake and tsunami, there are growing concerns that some radiation might be leaked out by the exports from Japan. This is exactly what the automobile industry fears and regular checks are being made by automakers on the exports sent to countries.

Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association is making it mandatory for regular checking of the cars before they are shipped to their destination country. A spokesperson from Japan Automobile Manufacturing Association, Hirokazu Furukawa, confirmed the same.

The reason for this was due to the concern growing between some of the consumers abroad regarding the shipment of cars. The leaks that have taken place in Japan have been really harmful and this has become a big threat to the country since the tsunami on 11th of March.

The checks that are being made are not for each and every car, but around 10 cars are checked per 5,000 cars sent. Toyota Motor Corp has already checked around 30 cars for radiations that were shipped to the US. 46% of cars made by Toyota Motor Corp are exported, 30% of Honda cars are exported and around 50% of Nissan cars are made for export from Japan.

Toyota Motor Corp said it has checked the level of radiation on 30 cars to be shipped to the United States. Around 46% of Toyota cars made in Japan last year were shipped for export. Around 30% of Honda Motor Co’s cars made in Japan are for export, while over 50% of Nissan Motor Co’s cars made in Japan are to be shipped abroad.