Asia Bizz: A recent test conducted by the Wall Street Journal has revealed that Apple’s iPhone collects data of the location, even after the location service is disabled. The test had revealed that the service had made use of the Wi Fi access points and cell phone towers to collect data, much to the disappointment of iPhone users around the world.

The company refused to comment on the issue, and this has fuelled reports of a breach in privacy since the iPhone was collecting data with time stamps in the phone, despite turning off the service. In addition to this, users were in for another shocking revelation – Apple has stored data worth months in the phone.

The question here arises is that how well can the information stored in the phone be used by the user.

The available data on the phone could also be used against the person carrying the cell phone. An investigation conducted by Rep. Edward Markey upon the unprotected location information, mentioned that the data could prove to be dangerous for children who carry phones, in the event that predators hack their phones.

The test had made brought to light the fact that the service does not actually turn off even after disabling the service, and has brought back fears of the “Big brother is watching you” episode.

The reported test was conducted on the iPhone 4, which had the latest version of operating system of Apple.


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