Asia Bizz: After the 20 km radius of the Fukushima nuclear plant has been sealed, the Japanese government has decided to remove the livestock which has been left in the area. The 20 km radius has been sealed and has been declared as a no-entry zone after the crisis hit the Fukushima nuclear plant following the massive earthquake and tsunami.

The government workers had dressed in protective suits and had entered the prohibited area to remove the live stock. However, the government has decided to kill the live stock due to health reasons, with the permission of the owners of the animals.

But it is difficult to contact the owners, after they were evacuated last week on the orders of the government. In Minamisoma Odaka district, 80 horses, 887 cows and 260,000 chickens had been raised till October last year.

The government has now decided to kill only those animals, which are on the verge of death. Apart from the live stock, the Self Defense Forces and the US military in Japan had conducted search operations, which was the third round, to find out the missing people after the earthquake. Search missions will also be conducted in the 30 km radius of the nuclear power plant.


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