Asia Bizz: After the disastrous earthquake and tsunami in Japan, a generous volunteer from Okinawa Prefecture has made a website to help the victims of the natural disaster. The website keeps in track the things that the victims need.

29 year-old Daisuke Sonoda came to Minamisanriku just three days after the earthquake had struck the area. Sonoda said that the government websites fail to tell the amount of goods other people are shipping for the victims.

Sonoda owns a diving shop. He had noticed many mismatches in what exactly has been sent and how much the victims have received. Hence he set up a website`, which is in Japanese language.

Sonoda had noticed that huge quantities of winter wear and blankets had been sent for the victims in the evacuation shelters, which were unfortunately dumped in the ware houses. After the disaster caused by tsunami, Sonoda thought of helping the victims and ended up with a crane to clear the debris. In Saitama Prefecture, he borrowed a crane and went on to the streets and cleared the cars and the other blockages. To support the victims, Sonoda even created a voluntary organization called ‘Earth One’ with the help of friends. Surprisingly, many of the volunteers working in the organization, had lost their own family members.


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