Asia Bizz: For several years, extra terrestrial objects have been a mystery. Unfortunately,it  seems like the mystery will never be solved and will remain one forever, as the monitoring systems of the extra terrestrial systems have been grounded.

The systems were shelved due to the cut in the budget. The Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence Institute (SETI) has said that the Allen Telescope Array placed in California has been shelved.

The reason behind the grounding of the systems was lack of funds. The funding for the observatory was cut to almost one tenth of the previous levels.

The ET observatory institute was established in the year 1984, in order to catch traces of life beyond Earth. The telescopes that were used in the observatory at California’s Creek Radio Observatory, were used for many purposes like searching for radio signals.

The systems were also used to trace signals from the intelligent life apart from the Earth in the Universe. Due to lack of funds, the institute has been put under the state of hibernation. The projects of SETI were earlier funded by the United States government. But later the institute was funded by private institutions. The institute used scientific methods to search for lives even on distant planets in the universe.


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