Asia Bizz: In a warning for Wi Fi internet users, cyber-criminals have begun to prepare a trap at the wireless hot spots in public areas across the world. When a user tries to connect to the Wi fi connection, the cyber-criminal then grabs the vital information from their phones and laptops, and misuses it to their benefit.

The cyber-criminals reportedly use a small device which costs £59 along with a free software easily available. With the help of the device, the cyber-criminal can even access usernames and passwords and even the confidential credit card details through the Wi Fi gateway.

Surprisingly, the victim may not even notice as the gateway looks like a legitimate one. What is even more surprising that a British telecom provider was aware of this vulnerability for years, but did nothing about it.

In order to confirm the theft, volunteers were used to access the Wi Fi gateway and the results which came out were dangerous. In the test, it was found that the users were asked to enter their credit card details in order to access the internet from a particular hot spot. The cyber-criminals use various names to access, but the victims just trust the connection thinking that it is a secure BT connection. Moreover, the information available could be decrypted with the help of a soft ware.

This has become a cause of concern in several Asian countries, as the security standards tend to be not upto the mark in several nations, which could lead to a lot of cyber fraud.


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