Asia Bizz: After enough discussion over iPhone’s quick GPS service, Apple had on Wednesday given a clarification over the exact working of the service. Normally, the GPS system takes upto several minutes with the help of the satellite data.

iPhone has the capability to reduce this loading time, with the help of the Wi Fi hot spot as well as the cell phone tower data, so as to quickly find that data. However, one may argue that their phones too have the ability to track the data without taking several minutes.

But this happens only when the trick to get the GPS data is active. Previously, the GPS receivers used to take up to 12 minutes to load the data from a cold start. It all depends on where the person with the GPS receiver is standing.

The GPS receiver depends on either the satellites or the Wi Fi hot spots. And the receiver catches the signal which is available at that particular spot. Currently, Apple uses AGPS system which allows the receiver to get the information faster with improved GPS accuracy. Apple introduced the technology in the year 2008 of the Wi Fi and cell tower positioning. The company has indeed proved the accuracy of the GPS systems with its latest technologies.


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