Asia Bizz: The iPad 2 has finally launched in Japan after a month delay; due to the tsunami and earthquake that caused a lot of destruction in the country. Apple’s iPad was slated to launch in Japan along with 25 other countries on the 25th of March, but the launch was delayed by Apple due to the natural disaster and following nuclear crisis.

Many people in Japan were rushing to Apple Inc’s flagship store in the city of Tokya for the launch of the Apple iPad 2 tablet. The one great feature that the Apple iPad has is the TV phone function. There were many number of people that lined up at the store hours before the store opened.

The iPad 2 will be sold for around 44,800 yen and the iPad 2 is also almost 30 percent thinner than the previous version. Even the iPhone 4 -  which is white in colour – was launched in the Asian nation.

The buildup of the iPad 2 took place  for a month as the launch was delayed; there were even questions raised if the demand would meet the supply of the tablet.

In related news, the much awaited White Apple iPhone 4 was finally launched in the UK after a long delay.


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