Asia Bizz: Electric car Chevrolet Volt, on Monday, was tested on the roads by the GM Korea Co. The Volt will be tested the whole week by an expert engineer, which will be conducted by the US Embassy to Korea.

The makers of the car have said that the car will be made use for the official functions of the Embassy authorities till 24th April. The electric car will also be made use for the events at the Earth Day, which would take place on Friday.

Mike Arcamone, the GM Korea chief executive, in statement said that while the commercial model of the Volt is being tested on the roads, people would notice the electric car, and this would give it some publicity.

The statement said that the car would be tested under actual driving conditions and it would also give an idea of its applicability in Korea. The Volt is power packed with both 1.4 litre internal combustion as well as the electric motor. The lithium ion battery allows the car to run up to 80 kms in full charge. After the battery is consumed, the engine uses the internal combustion. Chevrolet Volt has been already launched in the North American market in the year 2010.


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